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Excusive Interview with NYGMA

Summoning the spirit of 2000’s hardcore, Dallas, Texas band Nygma has established a reputation for surrealistic lyrics, unorthodox guitar melodies, unpredictable shifts in tempo and rhythm, and wild stage presence.

Burnie, Colten, and Caleb have been playing music together for close to 16 years, they’ve been in other bands together as well as touring the US multiple times. The three of them met through local church functions in Mansfield, Ohio. Burnie met Daniel and Chris through the local scene in Denton, Texas. The five have been playing together for close to years now. NYGMA started as an outlet that wasn’t faith-based even though you hear them touch on their faith, backgrounds, and beliefs in lyrics. They grew up in Church/shul, their parents are pastors, etc. With NYGMA, they wanted to explore other avenues and that’s where they are now.

How are you being bold as this year wraps in your music?

We are just being unafraid in releasing music, playing music. We played a show recently for a crowd that really wasn’t into our style of music, but by the end of the show, we had the whole crowd singing and dancing along with us, we think because we are being bold in our identity.

How are you leaving off this year and what are your hopes for the future of your music?

We are leaving this year with our biggest numbers in music streams, biggest crowds, and fan response. It’s only going up from here.

Are you planning extensively or are you allowing your music tide to take you on its own?

We would say both. You want to plan a little while riding the wave.

As you get to know yourself better musically, what is your biggest lesson learned this year?

We learned what our sound truly is. Before we were searching, now we think we have exactly what people are looking for.

Gaining the success you are seeing, tell us what has been the proudest moment for you so far?

Playing the Whisky A Go-Go hands down.

As you beat to your own drum, tell our audience what has helped you the most in finding your own beat for your career?

All we wanted was to play shows. So we played every show we possibly could, because every show leads to another opportunity! Playing shows have helped us find our own beat.

Thank you for this interview NYGMA!

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YOU TUBE: Nygma – YouTube

IG: Nygma (@nygmanoise) • Instagram photos and videos

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