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‘NCIS: Case Closed’ Aftershow: Sean Murray on McGee’s Goatee — Plus, Who Believes in Aliens? (VIDEO)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for NCIS Season 21 Episode 6 “Strange Invaders.”]

NCIS left us with a major burning question! Just who was the one person on the team who voted for Agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) to shave his goatee in his wife Delilah’s (Margo Harshman) online poll? Tell us who you suspect, and why, in the comments below.

The amusing plotline about our favorite tech nerd’s spouse encouraging him to go clean-shaven was a runner in an episode that saw the team get tangled up in a case involving UAPs (“unidentified arial phenomena,” traditionally known as UFOs).

“The thing about McGee is that he’s a very based in science kind of guy, but at the same time, he’s got a romantic, sort of old-fashioned nature to him. McGee really does feel like, as much as science may pull him in the other direction, there’s something out there,” Murray told us in our weekly aftershow NCIS: Case Closed. (To see the entire interview where he breaks down the episode, watch the video above.)

Throughout the investigation, the NCIS team waffled on whether or not extraterrestrials were involved in a murder. But it turns out there’s at least one true believer in the cast. Murray reveals, “We have definitely had conversations about UAPs and the possible existence of, and what that could all mean. I don’t want to give anyone up, but I can tell you that we do have a cast member that is very certain that aliens exist and have been here.”

Coming up, McGee will face some problems that are much more earthbound. The actor teases a future episode where we’ll see the agent, Delilah, and their twins deal with a TV home renovation show taking over their apartment. Let’s just hope they don’t find another body under the floorboards as McGee did in the 2017 episode, “What Lies Above.”

Click on the video for more revelations from Murray on the moment during shooting this episode that got him choked up, McGee’s novel progress, and what he’d wear to that ’80s theme party Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) may be throwing. (Hey, give your opinion on that in the comments below, too!) Come back each week for a new episode of NCIS: Case Closed to hear from the people who make the show.

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