Same Same But Different: The One Where ELLE Editors Get Married

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same same but different

Welcome to Same Same But Different. As Gen Z and millennial fashion editors, respectively, we know a thing or two about shopping—for all ages, and especially our demographics. As we find the best products for you, we can’t help but do a little shopping for ourselves and build our personal (age-appropriate) wish lists. And now, we’re sharing them with you. Ahead, check out what’s in our hearts and in our carts lately.

Madison Feller: I’m not sure what’s in the water at, but this is the year of weddings for our office. You, Rose—our team’s features and special projects editor—got married this February; our fearless leader, Claire Stern Milch, just tied the knot; and I’m in the final months of planning before my wedding in June. I’ve become fairly obsessed with the process, and admittedly, it’s been so nice to have co-workers who don’t mind if you blabber on about all the minute details that go into putting on a giant party. And now that I’m the last bride standing, it’s also nice to know I have people a desk away who I can bother for advice. So, Rose, please spill: How did you go out about planning your outfits for your day? And what advice do you have for me?!

Rose Minutaglio: Sorry to my (now) husband, Chris, but when we got engaged last year, one of the first things I thought about was what I would wear on our wedding day. The ceremony dress was a no-brainer; my mom’s satin gown that she made herself to marry my dad in 1984, and then altered to fit me. I paired that with white leather Gucci pumps and an heirloom Monvieve veil from Alison Miller, who has been described as the “veil whisperer.” I met with Miller at her Manhattan atelier, and we landed on the completely raw-cut Donata, with beautifully inset lacework on the sides and in center-back. For jewelry, I commissioned a gold bespoke bridal comb with red coral, a symbol of good luck in Neapolitan culture. Chris and I both have deep familial ties to Naples, Italy, so it felt like wearing a bit of family history. All that to say is that my advice—not that you need it, Madi!—is to try and make meaningful sartorial choices that reflect you as a couple.

MF: I am obsessed with how different all our looks are—you, me, and Claire—but also how they feel so right for each of us. Personally, I’ve been really inspired by the environments I’ll be in. On the Friday night before the wedding, we’re getting drinks with close friends and immediate family, and the bar has a bowling alley inside. It’s vibey, but the bowling aspect makes it so playful. I knew I wanted to wear something I’d never have the chance to sport in real life, so for my rehearsal dinner look, I settled on a colorful, beaded party dress (white is not typically my color) and silver heels. Everyone in my life calls me and my partner, Adam, “Madam,” and for my birthday, my friends gifted me a custom Susan Alexandra necklace with said couple name on it. So obviously, I will also be wearing that. And per my request, Adam will be wearing a bowling shirt. I keep joking that we’re going to look like that meme of Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran.

RM: See, you didn’t need my advice! I love the “Madam” necklace. If that doesn’t reflect y’all as a couple, I don’t know what does. My Friday night look was also inspired by our Italian heritage. Our rehearsal dinner was held at a very formal underground Italian social club in downtown Manhattan, so I opted for a more conservative Tom Ford-era Gucci skirt suit from Tab Vintage, René Caovilla rhinestone-studded kitten heels, and a custom cream-colored top hat—yes, a top hat—that the iconic Gigi Burris crafted for me in her Chinatown millinery shop. Because Gigi is the best, she actually attached Chris’ mom’s veil to the back of the hat. It was late February, so I also wore Chris’ grandmother’s 1940s fur coat. Looking back, the final outfit was definitely giving mob wife—and I’m not mad about it. Wait, big question, have you thought about what you’ll wear to get ready the morning of the wedding?

MF: The top hat plus veil was also giving The Parent Trap in the best way possible. For the morning of, I get why most people opt for pajamas, but anyone who knows me will confirm that I’m a really sleepy girl. If I’m wearing pajamas, I feel like my brain will think it’s nap time! Instead, I’ve been considering a light, white maxi dress that’s easy to move in but feels more like a full-on outfit. But I know you opted for the robe route, so talk me through your thought process.

RM: Big robe fan over here. Lauren Holovka of Lé Lauriér, a Brooklyn-based bridal and evening wear boutique, made me a custom two-piece silk set. The robe had Old Hollywood vibes with a long, flowing train and ruffle trim. Underneath the robe, I wore a matching slip dress with a cowl neckline and thigh-high slit. I opted for rose gold ballet flats from Milan-based brand Michele Lopriore. My bridesmaids also went the robe route; I sourced vintage Dior robes for all of them to wear. Some of my favorite photos from the wedding are getting ready with my girls. (Shoutout to our incredible photographer Julie Skarratt.) One thing Holovka told me—and this was such good advice—is that your robe will need to be easy to slip on and off for bridal hair and makeup. She actually trademarked a signature off-the-shoulder design that makes getting ready easier.

MF: Okay, I’m literally taking notes—these are the tips I need! Unfortunately, when it comes to my actual ceremony look, the only things I’m willing to reveal are that I bought five-inch satin Loeffler Randall platform heels because my fiancé is a foot taller than me, and since I don’t have my ears pierced, I got a gold Astrid & Miyu crystal ear cuff to wear for a bit of sparkle. One other hint: My reception look is ballerina-inspired, so my sister is making me a blue ribbon to wear in my hair. When I first told her my vision, she was like, “Oh, so you want to be a Degas dancer?” She gets it.

RM: I couldn’t have been more opposite, I showed my wedding dress to literally every single person I know—whether they asked to see it or not. Like, I would have stopped a stranger on the street to show them a picture of the dress. Of course, I wore my mom’s dress for the ceremony. But for the reception, I changed into my dream dress: a bespoke tiered tulle gown with an accompanying chiffon hooded cape made for me by the talented team at Sophie et Voilà. I actually flew to Bilbao, Spain, with my mom to get fitted for that. I paired it with vintage YSL heels that I bought on eBay and kept my red coral comb in—because you can never have too much Neapolitan good luck. Do you have any other outfits planned, like for the day after?

MF: Honestly, seeing your cape moment really made me consider whether I needed something similar. The day after, we’re hosting a casual brunch for guests, and I’m planning to wear my go-to Aritzia trousers in cream. My sister is working on making me a crop top out of extra fabric from my wedding dress. (Sob.) Though if I show up at that brunch in a sweatsuit, I think people will understand…

RM: You’re the bride; you can do whatever you want! A bridal sweatsuit is iconic, and I’ll leave you with that.

MF: Happy wedding season to all!

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