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‘FBI: International’: Why Vinessa Vidotto Doesn’t Want New Vo & Scott Dynamic to Change

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for FBI: International Season 3 Episode 6 “Fire Starter.”]

Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) is now Scott Forrester’s (Luke Kleintank) number 2 on FBI: International, and it’s a learning curve for both of them. Take, for instance, the latest episode, in which he has to intervene when she’s (rightfully) upset about how the local police in the Czech Republic handle a sexual assault case (the legal definition of rape there isn’t met in this case and the victim is arrested for her reaction).

As Scott reminds Vo throughout the episode, she’s now the number 2 on the team, if they push too hard, they can get kicked off the investigation, and she’s point on this because of her sexual assault advocacy experience from her army days, not to bring the hammer down on the local police. After wrapping the case, Vo tells Scott she’s learning on the fly, but he doesn’t want her to change a thing. So is that the end of that tension, or might we see more going forward? Are they just getting used to the new dynamic?

“Yeah, I think it’s just going to take getting used to, and I don’t think it’ll ever settle and I hope it doesn’t,” Vidotto tells TV Insider. “I hope it doesn’t get heated and just go beyond. I think that’s a little ridiculous. But what I love is the dynamic, is bouncing ideas off each other and one person reining the other person in. This job is very stressful, and you’ve got to make calls and some of them are risky and very creative or out of the box and you don’t know if it’s guaranteed, but you have to make a decision and go with it. I love that dynamic.”

Looking ahead, there will be “more responsibility” for Vo. “She’s definitely calling the shots in the hub when Forrester needs her there and she has to be on point and she has to think clearly because there’s a lot of moving parts,” says Vidotto. “So when they’re out in the field, she’s got to make sure that she’s leading them in the right direction.”

Might that mean more Vo and Tate (Christina Wolfe) scenes, since both will be in the hub? Vidotto would love to see that. “Obviously there will be moments with me and Tate in the hub, but in terms of more scenes with Vo and Tate, I think that would be an interesting route to explore further, creating a relationship instead of just briefing more of a personal relationship,” she says.

What are you hoping to see for the Fly Team in the rest of this season of FBI: International? Let us know in the comments section, below.

FBI: International, Tuesdays, 9/8c, CBS

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