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‘American Idol’ 2024 Auditions Wrap With ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo’s Daughter & More Standouts (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for American Idol.]

The final golden tickets were up for grabs Sunday night for Season 22 of American Idol. It has been quite the journey for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, who have seen a variety of hopefuls while spending some quality time sharing their respective hometowns of Santa Barbara, Tuskegee, and Leesburg. Auditions were also hosted in Los Angeles and Nashville.

This last crop of singers included talented teens, sisters, a returning face from last year, and the daughter of a former Bachelor star. Plus, one contestant closed the round with a powerhouse performance and story that tugged at the heartstrings. Before we head to Hollywood and the Idol Arena, check out who could break through as fan favorites.

Ricky Moyer 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 22-year-old started this week’s auditions with a cool take on “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette. The Philidelphia barista received a standing ovation. Luke and Lionel thought it was a great performance. Katy said he gave them moment after moment. An easy yes.

Liliana Tovar Dalton 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 17-year-old decided she was in her “Reputation” Taylor Swift era. This San Antonio Swiftie also likes to write music, and yes, about boys. She performed an original called “5%,” clearly about a guy who did her bad. Katy said it sounded like one long text message that lacked fundamental structure but loved it. Luke asked if she had another gear and challenged her to sing a little Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Lionel saw potential. Luke gave the third yes. Liliana then thanked her exes.

Camila Galavis 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 14-year-old came from Miami by way of Venezuela. She revealed her dad was Juan Pablo Galavis, a former soccer player and The Bachelor alum from Season 18. Camila then brought Dad into the audition room as she sang Joaquina’s “Rabia.” Katy said she had a good voice, but the judges weren’t sure she was quite ready. Luke said she would get swallowed up in this competition but then ended up breaking the tie between Lionel and Katy. The work is cut out for this teen. A golden ticket and rose for the Galavis family.

Garrison Bennett 


Disney/Eric McCandless

Luke jokingly called for a paternity test to see if the 18-year-old was Lionel’s son due to a striking resemblance to the legend. The Statesville, North Carolinian sang “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. Luke didn’t waste any time giving a yes to the landscaper. Katy still wanted more energy but gave a yeah. Lionel added a yes to his “son” a yes and encouraged him to find his own style. Say hello to another golden ticket recipient.

Jayna Elise


Disney/Eric McCandless

The Season 21 hopeful from Washington D.C. resident returned for another crack at the Idol title. The 22-year-old with the golden heart hoped to get her true moment to shine this time around. Katy could see a renewed confidence. She showcased her growth on Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” Katy called it a full three-course meal and remarked how she made a moment in the song. Luke called it badass singing. Lionel welcomed her back. Back to Hollywood.

Keegan James 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 21-year-old professional rollerskater performed “The Best” by Tina Turner while on wheels. He put on a full-on show. “That was a different mode,” Lionel said of the Schenectady, New Yorker resident. Luke felt there was a voice there. Katy thought he was good for another competition but encouraged him to keep on rolling.

Cate Gardener 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The Aledo, Texan spoke about being pregnant with her now 18-month-old son Cooper in junior high school. The now 18-year-old performed an original called “The Place That I Call Home,” which she wrote after she found out she was pregnant. Lionel said her voice was storytelling material. Katy dubbed her a natural talent. Luke could see the sky’s the limit, comparing her to Alison Krauss.

Jacy & Mia Matthews


Disney/Eric McCandless

The teenage sisters from Centre, Alabama auditioned together. They spoke about how music brought them closer to their late dad. It’s why the two formed a musical group with their mom. They sang “If That Isn’t Love” by Elvis Presley to warm up. First up was 17-year-old Jacy singing “Help Me Make It Through the Night” by Kris Kristofferson.

Then it was 18-year-old Mia on “No Place That Far” by Sara Evans. Luke thought they approached music similarly. They seemed quiet and timid and looked for more presence. The country superstar doesn’t know if they are ready. Jacy got a no from Luke, and a yes from Lionel and Katy. Luke thought Mia was the stronger vocally and gave a yes. Lionel was a no. Katy respectfully disagreed with Lionel and was drawn more to Mia. The Matthews girls enter the lion’s den of Hollywood together…for now.

Jordan Anthony 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 18-year-old made the trip from Perth, Australia alongside his dad. Talk about pressure to deliver. He took on “Forget Me” by Lewis Capaldi. Lionel loved the runs. Katy said he had the goods. Luke was impressed. A worthwhile plane ticket as Jordan will extend his stay in the States with a golden ticket.

Victoria Johnson 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The Boca Raton 16-year-old came with Mom, her biggest supporter. She sang “No Excuses” by Meghan Trainor. Katy asked for more volume. Luke felt she delivered like a star. Lionel found her confidence matched the vocals. She got a golden ticket — a chewed-up golden ticket delivered by Luke’s dog Choc.

Bethany Teague 


Disney/Eric McCandless

The 25-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina spoke about the importance of her family. Her mom passed away in 2017 after giving birth to her sister. She grew up without a dad. All the emotion of the preschool teacher’s story was put into her performance of “Peace by Peace” by Kelly Clarkson. Katy could tell why that song was so important and encouraged her to turn that pain into purpose. Lionel said she validated what a hit record was. Luke said Bethany’s grandmother was right in that she sings very well. Katy said it was time for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. She’ll have the chance to do just that in Hollywood.

Isaiah Case


Disney/Eric McCandless

Music has been in the 22-year-old’s blood from the beginning thanks to the family. The worship pastor from Jackson, Illinois opened up about his passion for writing music with his son like he wrote music with his dad. He played an original called “What Could I Do.” Katy thought it was a cool song. Luke said he came out of the gate with meat in his voice. Lionel liked the storytelling aspect. Case closed. Isaiah is off to Hollywood.

Julia Gagnon


Disney/Eric McCandless

They saved one of the best for last. The Cumberland, Maine college student first shared her touching life story. She was two when she was adopted from an orphanage in Guatemala. Despite being bullied in school, she had the support system of the family to get her through. Julia opened up about finding her birth family. Her adopted father was able to locate them thanks to a private investigator in 2020.

Her birth mom wrote her a letter thanking the birth parents for raising her. She wanted to live long enough to witness her daughter do something big. Julia chose a big song “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin. Lionel was in shock at how she was able to make such an iconic song her song. Luke was also amazed. Katy could hear several soul singers inside her and saw Top 10 material. She is off to Hollywood. One better, the judges traded the golden ticket in for the third platinum ticket. Time to restock on the tissues before we make it to Hollywood.

American Idol, Sundays and Mondays, 8/7c, ABC

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