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‘Fire Country’ Expands Edgewater With Introduction of Morena Baccarin’s Potential Spinoff Character

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As Fire Country has shown, living in a small town means everyone knows your name, and what better way to show that than to expand Edgewater? That’s what the CBS drama is doing with a new character being introduced midway through Season 2, Sheriff Mickey (Morena Baccarin), who could lead a spinoff.

Mickey will be introduced in Episode 6, directed by series star, co-creator, and executive producer Max Thieriot, who told TV Insider she’s “really fun” and “exciting.”

In the episode, the sheriff’s office will interact with Three Rock (the fire camp for inmates) and Station 42. “It’s such a natural kind of intersection of those worlds, and it’s really fun to get to know somebody at the sheriff’s office and to see the interaction of agencies,” executive producer Joan Rater says. “Morena’s amazing. We’re just so excited to explore that world.”

“And also just to expand Edgewater, our town, in terms of the different people who live there and there are so many opportunities for public service up there,” says executive producer Tony Phelan. “Just when we were doing our research on these little towns up in Northern California, you really see this great civic spirit that I think the audience has reacted to positively, and looking for different ways of showing that is something that really excites us.”

Rater notes that when she and Phelan joined Thieriot in the town he’s from as part of their research for Fire Country, they were especially struck by the fact that “he knows everyone in town, and everyone in town knows everyone in town. If you think about that, if you are the sheriff or a firefighter, that just makes these saves and the work you do so much more personal and amazing.”

Adds Phelan, “Because really what it’s about is you’re protecting your neighbors.”

Rater promises that bringing in Sheriff Mickey is allowing them to “get to know Edgewater more in a fun way.”

Right now, this upcoming episode will just be introducing a character who could star in her own spinoff. But considering Fire Country is a hit for CBS—and the network has shown it likes its franchises, with the ever-expanding NCIS, the FBIs, and the potential for more in the Big Bang Theory world—something tells us we shouldn’t expect that to be the only time we see Mickey.

Fire Country, Fridays, 9/8c, CBS

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