Some Fans Are Mad About Henry Cavill’s ‘Bart Simpson’ Haircut In The Argylle Trailer, But There’s One Good Point Of Defense

Henry Cavill’s haircut in Argylle, and the fans’ reactions to it, are giving the same energy as the Mission: Impossible and Justice League mustache situation. Following the release of the trailer for the action film, viewers quickly clocked the actor’s haircut with a flat top, and they got mad about the creative decision. However, there’s actually a good defense for why he has this unique haircut, and it makes a lot of sense. 

While there’s no denying Henry Cavill has a wild haircut in the Argylle trailer, as you can see below, there seems to be a fairly logical reason why he’s sporting such a spiky look. 

Fans Are Mad About Henry Cavill’s Haircut In Argylle 

There’s a lot we know about Argylle, from the stacked cast to its source material, which means there’s a lot to get excited about. However, after that first look came out, many fans were not pleased with Henry Cavill’s haircut, and they made their opinions known. For example, @burntforbetter compared the actor’s look to Bart Simpson, posting:

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While that tweet has some humor in it, there really seem to be people who are angry about Cavill’s haircut. @Targ_Nation was one of those people as they posted:

whoever decided to give him that haircut needs jail time cause HOW TF DO YOU MAKE HENRY CAVILL UNATTRACTIVE?

Another fan, @namorxshuri, has such strong feelings about this hairdo that they aren’t going to see Argylle when it comes out in February. They posted:

I’m going to skip this movie due to his horrible hair. It’s like when your crush gets a haircut and you no longer have a crush on him anymore. #HenryCavill

Even though many folks aren’t pleased about Cavill’s haircut, they still threw some humor into their posts. @Ceilidhann posted:

Whoever gave that haircut to Henry Cavill should be questioned for hours on end over their Choice.

There were also a lot of comparisons being tossed around about Cavill’s look, specifically his spiky hair. @VyceVictus decided to compare the Enola Holmes actor to his “old Brigade commander,” who does have an eerily similar haircut. He posted:

That ARGYLLE trailer admittedly has my curiosity, but what really gets me is the ugly haircut they gave Henry Cavill; every time I see one like that I’m reminded of my old Brigade commander who had the sharpest/most insane military flat top I’ve ever seen on a real human

Then, like the Bart Simpson comparison, @ConnorBehrens looked back at major moments in pop culture, and used Jim Carrey’s Riddler as an example:

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Overall, there’s a lot of talk about Henry Cavill’s haircut, and quite a bit of it is not positive. However, one fan pointed out that there’s actually a logical reason why the actor is sporting the do he is in Argylle, and it makes a whole lot of sense. 

One Fan Came To Henry Cavill’s Defense With A Solid Point 

As you saw in the Argylle trailer, this project on the 2024 movie schedule has a meta element to it as Cavill plays the lead character of an author’s book. It seems like he’s in a story within the story, however, this plot of crime and action appears to come to life as the author is swept into a dangerous mission. Also, you can literally see how the real-life book inspired this film adaptation as the actor’s haircut mirrors that of the character on the cover. @Ianklsdmbldr came to the actor’s defense with this point, tweeting: 

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Is this haircut a bit odd? Yes. However, it really seems to fit in with this fun, action-packed, fantastical and campy film from Matthew Vaughn. Also, as this fan pointed out, it’s a nod to the book Argylle is based on. 

Whether you are here for Henry Cavill’s haircut or it makes you mad, there’s no denying that Argylle looks wildly entertaining. Along with the Batman v. Superman star, this cast is stacked with the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, John Cena, Dua Lipa and more. 

So, make sure to mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, because after Argylle faced numerous delays, it’s finally coming out. This means you’ll be able to see the fun film, and Henry Cavill’s haircut, on the big screen, or with an Apple TV+ subscription, soon. 

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