Netflix’s DVD Service Has Shut Down, And John Stamos Reveals Three Rentals He’s Keeping, Including One Of His Own Movies

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Today is a sad day for Netflix customers who’ve enjoyed finding a DVD selected online in their mailbox. After 25 years, Netflix has gotten rid of its mail-in service and shipped out its final DVD. As the streaming service’s DVD system is shutting down, Full House’s John Stamos has revealed which DVDs he’s decided to keep, and one of them is a movie he’s been in.

It may be a sad revelation that Netflix’s DVD service is now going to be a thing of the past. On the other hand, a neat surprise for anyone still using the service is that customers are not required to return the DVDs they got after August 29th. That means no dealing with late fees and being allowed to keep any movies you still have at your disposal forever. Celebrities like John Stamos may have to say goodbye to the DVD service, but not any DVDs they still have. In an Instagram post from Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos announcing the mail-in service’s end, John Stamos commented on which DVDs are still in his possession.

I still have three I haven’t returned yet. “Vegas Vacation” “Snakes on a Plane” and “Never Too Young to Die” starring a young John Stamos and Gene Simons.

With Snakes on a Plane being one of the best Samuel L. Jackson movies and the National Lampoon Vacation films never fail to make us laugh, he’s picked some good choices. Never Too Young to Die may not have gotten the best reception when it first came out, but it was John Stamos’ film debut. When revisiting the ‘80s flick over 30 years later on The Hollywood Reporter, the Fuller House actor did say it was a great campy movie that people can see in costumes and laugh at. It’s a good thing he’s keeping a copy of the DVD if he ever plans to show his first movie to his loved ones.

John Stamos wasn’t the only celebrity who expressed how much they’ll miss Netflix’s DVD service. Mindy Kaling commented about the time her Office character, Kelly, spoke about how the mail-in service worked and how old she felt now that it’s “a cultural artifact.” That’s how I felt when Blockbuster went out of business and dropped their DVD mailing service too, but we can feel lucky that we were alive to experience the joys of finding a long-awaited DVD in the mail. SNL’s David Spade also jokingly asked if the streaming service needed his address. This shows that as times are changing, we have to change with it.

The reactions of red envelope fans were not pleasant either. Many fans of the service complained that not every movie out there is available on streaming, and DVDs tend to provide a wider selection. On the bright side, another great surprise that Netflix’s DVD service provided for customers is receiving up to 10 extra discs in their final shipment. These extra discs will go out to random customers, and what DVDs will end up in their mailbox will be random too. I would love it if out of all DVDs, John Stamos would end up with full seasons of Full House and ER. That would absolutely not be a surprise viewing for the television actor. 

Netflix’s DVD service may have sent out its last mail-in movie today, but celebrities like John Stamos and fans alike still have those red envelopes and extra DVDs with which to remember the service . Don’t forget that its streaming service is still alive and well, so make sure to take a look at the Netflix movie schedule and Netflix TV schedule.

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