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Rising Rockers OF LIMBO Deliver Scalding New Single “California Demon”

High-octane stylish hard rock is an increasingly rare species. It’s still out there, often flying under the radar, but the bands and performers still flogging away today as practitioners of the genre will make you sit up and take notice. Southern California’s OF LIMBO is among them. Australian-born brothers Jake and Luke Davies have chunky riff rock pumping through their veins, and it’s further distinguished by an abundance of sharp musical skill that puts their work a cut above your standard four-to-the-floor heavy rock fare. The band’s latest single “California Demon” solidifies their claim to being one of the foremost purveyors of the genre.

Their finesse extends to the accompanying video presentation as well. It’s an age-old story, and OF LIMBO does a first-rate job of crafting a promotional clip with supporting imagery for the song. Their tale of a beautiful young woman selling her soul for fame in sunny La-La Land is a well-worn storytelling concept – but OF LIMBO stamps their identity on this interpretation with intense visuals and polished production.

The song gives them ample material to work with. “California Demon” is hard-charging, dynamic, and uncompromising. Lead guitarist Luke and rhythm guitarist Jake roll up their sleeves and build up an impressive head of steam tossing pummeling riffs left and right like six-string confetti. Their boundless creativity for this type of music is apparent from the outset. There are several breakneck twists and turns layered throughout the arrangement as well; OF LIMBO is never content to beat listeners into submission riding the same dull thud ad nauseum.

That’s where their skill makes itself seen. “California Demon” is a number that keeps you on your toes. Their command of contrast, as well, infuses the cut with ample drama without ever resorting to cliched riffing. Jake’s throat-scalding yowl on vocals is fitting for their music: He’s passionate without overkill and his vocal range brings an added dimension to OF LIMBO’s music.

They’ve established themselves through well-received recordings and barnburner live appearances. They’ve landed plum spots playing the same stages as bands such as Hinder, Buckcherry, and Wolfmother, among others. It’s no small feat, furthermore, to deliver this sort of blinding hard rock and still carve out your own identity. OF LIMBO has pulled that off and wallops listeners with authority and personality that owes nothing to anyone. They’ve subsumed their influences into their music to such a degree that any resemblance vanishes.

“California Demon” moves them one step closer to stepping onto the global stage. They are steadily rising – talent and discipline still are the best way to assure that the cream will invariably rise to the top. OF LIMBO has those two virtues in abundance. Writing great songs that they sing and play with intention and fury sets them apart from the pack and will continue doing so as long as they make music.

Samuel Pratt

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