Ezra Furman Shares New Songs From Sex Education’s Final Season: Listen

Ezra Furman Shares New Songs From Sex Education’s Final Season: Listen

The new EP features three songs that soundtrack Netflix series’ last episodes

Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman, photo by Tonje Thilesen

Ezra Furman has released a new EP of songs that soundtrack the fourth and final season of the Netflix series Sex Education. (The show’s new season also features songs from Furman’s 2022 album, All of Us Flames.) Following the Season 3 soundtrack, listen to “Tether,” “You Like Me,” and “Honeycomb” below.

Furman discussed making music for the show in a statement:

What a songwriter craves is an outlet for her songs. Somewhere to put them, something to do with her passion for arranging words into melody and maximizing their impact. And, of course, an audience. In this regard, the job of writing and recording music for Sex Education was all that I craved and more. Here was a whole world of empathetic characters and a compelling plot that had space for my voice and my band’s music to punctuate it. I have loved the task of making music for this brightly-colored landscape and its tales of teenagers finding their way to better and healthier sex lives.

Being asked to write songs that match the tone of the show, I was surprised by how deeply I engaged with the characters’ emotions. Effective music has to come from an emotional place, and at first I wasn’t sure I could do it. It is a testament to the show’s writing, acting and direction that it wasn’t hard at all for me to connect to the characters’ inner lives. They awakened genuine feelings about my own life, and allowed me to create with sincerity and heart.

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