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Messer Drops New Single

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Messer are living up to their promising handle and executing one of the sickest, slickest, and most stylish rock tracks that you’re going to hear this quarter in their official new single “Unfvckwitable.” Using a sonic vortex that originates from a sizzling bassline, “Unfvckwitable” sees its creators using every weapon in their war chest to overwhelm us with their staggering musicality, unrelenting rhythm, and symphonically synchronized swagger.

MESSER: https://www.messerband.com/

The drums are fiery and fierce, blanketing us in a discomforting rigidity that is only broken up by the feverish riffs adorning every verse. Lyrically, Messer pulls out all the stops to deliver unto us something that doesn’t draw too heavily from the well of their predecessors but nevertheless flanks its modern construction with a vintage familiarity tethering it to the rock gods of yore. “Unfvckwitable” is only their one entry in their growing discography, but it boasts so many impressive facets that it would be hard for anyone to make the argument that these guys aren’t going to win over some hearts in this interesting period in rock n’ roll history.

The production quality here is top-of-the-line from every angle, highlighting all of the unconventional nuances in their depth of songcraft without focusing too much on one aspect of the band’s sound over another. There’s a lot to Messer; their beats have a very club-oriented feel to them, the mix is varnished in an equalization that is more common in pop music, and their method of attack (when it comes to structuring a melodic vocal inside of a hurricane of vicious harmonies) is unlike anything that I’ve heard in the glam revival movement that has been concentrated around the Northeastern United States.

Their hooks remind me a little of Diamond Nights, but their violent churn is straight out of the Maneskin playbook. The progressive undertones here are something that could definitely be exploited in an album setting, but I think that it’s still too early to tell what Messer is going to do with this template as the future unfolds. They’ve certainly got no shortage of options with a versatile sound like this, and that alone makes their brand a more than worthy follow for heavy rock disciples everywhere.

SMART URL: https://messer.ffm.to/unfvckwitable

If this is but a sampling of what we can expect out of Messer in future recordings, then it’s safe to say that you can sign me up for more. There’s a moodiness in “Unfvckwitable” that just isn’t there in the bulk of material that I’ve heard out of their closest rivals in 2022, and to call it a fascinatingly experimental way to start their career just wouldn’t be doing this work justice. I’m excited to see what my peers in journalism think about this band, but for my money, there simply isn’t another group making the magic in the studio that Messer is, and that’s no small statement to make when considering how inspired the scene that spawned them has been lately.

Samuel Pratt

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