See Avril Lavigne Recreate Her Let Go Album Cover 20 Years Later

Chill out, what ya yellin’ for? Avril Lavigne isn’t making the 20 year anniversary of her debut album all that complicated.

The “Sk8er Boi” singer recently revisited the same New York City spot where she shot the album cover of Let Go two decades ago. She revealed her recreation in a TikTok on June 28, captioning the video, “20 years later…”

In the TikTok, Avril wore all black and walked into the crosswalk, posing with her arms crossed —just as she did in the cover. Her video jumps in on the current viral TikTok trend where people use Simple Plan‘s song “I’m Just a Kid” and show themselves recreating their old photos. Though Avril might have beat out all of the other videos, what can we say, it’s all be done before!

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement in the comments. “NO IM CRYING,” wrote on user, with another adding: “What the hell do you mean when you say 20 years later!?!?”

Even Avril’s fiancé Mod Sun showed his support, writing: “This is so amazing!”  

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