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“Mindfulness & Mysticism”  by Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich continues buttressing her reputation as one of the world’s leaders in self-improvement with her latest book Mindfulness & Mysticism: Connecting Present Moment Awareness with Higher States of Consciousness. Anyone reading this book and dreading airy babble about supernatural forces alone will be relieved early on that Nadrich grounds her perspective in reality rather than speculation and/or fantasy.

It is clear, even skimming this hefty book, Nadrich has done her homework. Much of Mindfulness & Mysticism is lit from within by her confidence in both her methods and the conclusions she’s arrived at pursuing those paths. Her tone is conciliatory and helpful throughout; Nadrich never views existence through rose-colored glasses, she recognizes the challenges each of us faces, and the content reflects her sincere yet never tacky desire to aid her readers.

Don’t let Mindfulness & Mysticism’s page count intimidate you. Nadrich’s gifts as a writer help make its four hundred-plus pages breeze by without ever giving the subject matter superficial treatment. She uses a conversational style suited for casual or experienced readers though she clearly directs the book towards a definite audience. She assumes her readers possess at least a working familiarity with the topic, but I believe the book can work for novices with a real commitment to immersing themselves in the subject.

Small features such as the epigrams opening the book and each of its thirty-five chapters are low-key signals of her intent. The conversational prose powering Mindfulness & Mysticism doesn’t impede the learned point of view behind the words. Nadrich never places herself above readers, however, and supports her conclusions with common sense evidence and other material that’s difficult, if not impossible, to refute.


The personal qualities apparent throughout the book are important for its success. Nadrich places a high premium on connecting with her readers and readily mines her experiences to help illustrate or reinforce her points. Her authorial control extends to the book’s structure as well; there’s an obvious design to how she orders the chapters. Mindfulness & Mysticism develops in a natural, organic way and never feels forced.

Its ambitions are equally obvious. There’s never any sense that Nadrich is consciously eying posterity with this book, but she’s unquestionably invested a significant amount of passion and intellectual force into its writing and completion. It’s nothing less than a sweeping overview of the subjects referred to in its title, but her vision is acute; Nadrich misses nothing. She addresses the various connections between mindfulness and mysticism, elusive human consciousness, and the singular ever-present NOW.

Some will finish this book exhilarated. Others will be impressed by the breadth of its scope and achievement. Ora Nadrich’s Mindfulness & Mysticism: Connecting Present State Awareness with Higher Consciousness is an important contribution to the existing literature on mindfulness and Eastern-inspired thought, yes, but it is one of the finest non-fiction texts published in recent memory on any subject. A few will shirk from its challenges or remain immune to its charms, but its lingering effects for many more will be felt for years to come.

Samuel Pratt

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