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Exclusive Interview with Baylee Avery

Big welcome to writer – Baylee Avery. Thank you for taking time to talk with us today.  Lets jump right in! Fill us in all about yourself. Where are you from? 

Hi! Thank you for having me! I am from Houston, TX! 

What is your favorite thing about being in journalism?

Connecting with different people and also fellow people in the industry! They’re the ones who really inspire me to work harder and chase after my goals in the industry. It’s always fun when someone inspires me to want to write something new and exciting!

Do you have a certain type of story you prefer to write about and if so, why? 

I don’t have a certain type I prefer to write about, actually. When it comes to my writing, I always get random ideas at the most random times so once that happens, I ask my boss; Rebecca (who is also the owner of BANDED PR and one of my biggest inspirations), if it would be okay to write about it and when she says, “Yes” I do it.

Inspiration always comes in at the most random times too and I like writing about different genres of music. My usual preference is rock, but I also love all forms of indie music, which is another all time favorite genre of mine, and also a little bit of pop music.

Are you currently contributing anywhere with your writing? 

BANDED PR and Soft Sound Press!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given that you would share with us? 

Just to keep listening and keep looking. I first started out as a pop culture writer and I did have a few music industry friends when I was a pop culture writer and they all helped me in one or another and I heard this a few times and it truly helped me in every way.

Tell us where to find more of your work and catch up with  you on social media? 

You can find more of my work at and on social media, my username is bayleexavery on all platforms!

End of Interview

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