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Exclusive Interview with Emily Daccarett

What kind of vibe are you having this year? 

I’m having a let’s embrace life and enjoy the little moments type of vibe! I’ve  accepted so many things are out of my control in the world and the best thing I  can do is spread love and acceptance.

Any bold decisions career wise being made? 

I started out as a fashion designer and moved from France to LA to start my own  womenswear line. I began working on original music for my fashion shows, but  over time I felt an overwhelming desire to pursue a music career as well. I took  some time to work on my craft as a songwriter, which led to my ep, Cannibal,  released in 2019. Now I continue to merge my two worlds together!

Do you find that your heart is always in the art? 

Yes, I need my heart to be in it if not I start to shut down. In other aspects of the  business that don’t deal with the creative side, I can push through and just work,  however my art is my interpretation of life as I understand and experience it. It  may sound cliché, but my music is my heart exposed to everyone.

Give us the funniest phrase you’ve heard about the music business!

“The music industry is really funny, when you have a hit record, everyone knows  who you are, everyone wants to do duets with you, then if you have a miss,  people suffer from amnesia.” – Seal

What are you making a priority this year? 

To be happy and healthy!

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