Bam Margera Hospitalized After Recently Checking Back Into Rehab

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Bam Margera will be back on his feet soon!

After recently checking back into a rehab facility, the Jackass alum gave his 2 million Instagram followers an update on his well-being. Unfortunately for the 39-year-old star, he found himself in the hospital due to edema, which is swelling caused by excess fluid that is trapped in the body’s tissues.

And while many of his fans didn’t expect to see him in the hospital, he has reassured everyone that’s he’s “fine.”

“Adema [sic] sucks but i will be fine and out in a few hours, either reaction to new medicine or detoxing from i guess a bit of alchohol [sic] from two weeks ago when i had the pleasure to go to jail,” he captioned his Instagram post, alongside a photo of him lying in a hospital bed.

Just three days ago, it was revealed that Bam was getting rehab treatment.

“Bam will be unavailable until 9/6/19 from his phone,”a statement read on the reality TV personality’s Instagram account. “So anyone texting, calling or trying to reach him, he is in rehab getting treatment.”

This is reportedly the third time he’s checked into rehab in this month.

Moreover, two weeks ago E! News confirmed that Margera was arrested for allegedly trespassing. His bail was set at $1,000 and he was released on his own recognizance, according to online records. He is due in court on Sept. 6.

The news of his arrest came a week after he publicly asked for Dr. Phil‘s help.

“Dr. Phil, I’ve seen 28 doctors, I’ve been to four rehabs,” he said in a video, which were uploaded to social media. “When I went to my last rehab, they put me on more medication than I was on when I was out. When I’m out, I have Adderall and then some weird s–t, I’ll tell ya all about it. I don’t know what works and what doesn’t.”

He continued, “The only person I believe is you. ‘Cause when I watch you, I’m like, ‘That’s what I would’ve said, that’s what I would’ve said.’ The only person that I will believe on the planet is Dr. Phil.”

E! News confirmed the two did meet and that their session will be filmed for an episode of Dr. Phil’s talk show. A source shared with us that Bam also agreed to enter rehab following his conversation with the talk show host.

In the last few weeks the Jackass alum has been in and out of rehab. However, it appears he’s trying to make it work this time around.

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