IT Director Reveals His Plans For A Supercut Of Both Movies, And Shooting Additional Footage

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If, for some crazy reason, you’ve decided that you just haven’t had enough of scary ass Pennywise or the poor, beleaguered children and adults of Derry who populate the story of IT: Chapter Two, then you just might be in luck. Director Andy Muschietti has recently revealed plans to beef up the existing films so we get an even bigger story.

When asked if he’s given any thought to disassembling IT and IT: Chapter Two to reassemble them and put them into one full cinematic story, Muschietti said that he wouldn’t do that, but does have plans for something bigger. Here’s what he had to say:

I am thinking of a supercut. Which is basically the two movies told one after the other, adding everything that was lifted from them for length purposes. Great scenes that are more character moments, or things that we had to lift for other reasons. I’m also very excited about shooting extra material.

Well, if that’s not enough to get you horror fans excited, I don’t know what is! When Reelblend co-host Jake Hamilton spoke to IT and IT: Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti ahead of the sequel coming to theaters, he brought up how HBO remixed the epic, non-horror tales of The Godfather Part I and II to put the full story together in chronological order a couple of years ago. While Muschietti said he wouldn’t quite be interested in taking that approach to his own epic movies, he does see a place where the stories, as he’s brought them to the big screen, could be expanded upon.

As it stands right now, Andy Muschietti would like to smoosh (I know, really cinematic term. Where’s my honorary Oscar?!) together the current cuts of both films, add in some of the footage that he really loved from each which had to be cut for time, and, on top of that, film new scenes. According to Muschietti, this would add in some more deep character study scenes, but I think it’s probably safe to say that it would also add some brand new terrors to each part of the story.

Before you get too excited, though, and get ready to sell your prized Losers’ Club figurine collection so that you can pay for this very special Blu-ray edition of IT and IT: Chapter Two, you should know that, as of right now, this fancy idea is all in Andy Muschietti’s head. When asked what new scenes he might shoot, here’s what he said:

I can’t tell you, and this is only an expression of desire, of course. The supercut is something that is yet not out as an idea. We have to talk about it. But I definitely want to make a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was lifted from Chapter Two. But also new stuff, new material.

Basically, for this ultra, mega, supercut of Pennywise doing his worst all over Derry, Maine, a lot of people would have to agree that this is the right move. The idea of cutting both films together and putting some beloved things back in that originally ended up on the cutting room floor is one thing, but when you talk about getting the actors back for shooting additional scenes (which might also mean getting sets and locations set up again), suddenly this project becomes a lot trickier to take on.

And, while it seems like most people who loved IT are likely to turn out for Chapter Two, I’m sure the studio, producers, etc. would love to wait for this sequel to open and make tons of money before committing to anything that would require actors to clear their schedules for additional filming.

As pumped as you probably are for even more IT right now, you might have a major question: Just how long is this supercut going to be? IT ran for two hours and 26 minutes, while IT: Chapter Two will be clocking in at a positively chilling two hours and 49 minutes. Well, hold on to your adult diapers, folks, because you might need one if this supercut gets produced and released in theaters. According to Muschietti:

It would probably be around six hours and a half.

Oh. OK. So, maybe you won’t 100% need a diaper. You’ll just have to monitor your fluid and solid food intake for at least a week leading up to the supercut, make note of how much time you need between drinks and meals to get it all out of your system, consider that before heading in to see what I’m going to call IT: Chapters One and Two: Even ITier, and also stop all eating and drinking in enough time so that you don’t risk having to get up and miss one of the new scenes that have been added.

Dudes, this is totally doable!

For right now, though, let’s keep our eyes on the very R-rated IT: Chapter Two prize. Andy Muschietti’s blockbuster, which has added stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Jay Ryan and Andy Bean as the adult Losers’ Club, will open on September 6, 2019 to keep us all from sleeping nightmare-free until at least 2020.

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