New Details Revealed For Disneyland’s Avengers Campus, Spider-Man Attraction, And More

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There’s a lot of focus right now on the Star Wars Universe as it is the newest part of Disneyland, and will soon be added to Walt Disney World. However, the Marvel Universe is the next big thing coming to the Disneyland Resort, and today at the D23 Expo, we got a lot of new information about the land, called the Avengers Campus, and the Spider-Man attraction that will be a major part of it.

There are Marvel attractions being added to multiple Disney Parks around the world and the larger concept behind the Avengers Campus, is that the Marvel heroes are looking for more people to help them defend the earth. That’s where the guests come in. We will be the new Avengers recruits.

Of course, we don’t have superpowers, and that’s where the Worldwide Engineering Brigade comes in. WEB is an Avengers initiative to create technology to allow normal people to be heroes and one of the people working on that tech is a kid named Peter Parker.

Peter has helped to develop a webslingher vehicle that will give us all the powers of “his friend Spider-Man.” He’s also created a series of Spider-Bots. However, these bots are not quite finished, and they get loose. This seems to be where the attraction comes in. Guests will use the webslinger vehicle to recapture the bots, with the help of Spider-Man. 

The first thing that this info reveals, is that the events of the attraction don’t appear to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the future of Spider-Man in that universe is very much questionable at this point, at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man’s identity was apparently revealed, yet, in the attraction, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are being presented as two people.

More to come…

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