Mark Ruffalo Shows Hilarious Avengers: Endgame Set Photo As Half Of The Hulk

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Is there anything more precious than seeing Mark Ruffalo smile in his motion capture pajamas during the filming of his Hulk scenes in the MCU? It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Since Avengers: Endgame became the biggest movie of all time, behind-the-scenes tidbits of the stars have been coming in left and right, Ruffalo is once again joining in with these hilarious images. Check them out:

On top of his typical mo-cap PJs and helmet (which records his facial expressions), Mark Ruffalo is wearing a large chest plate as well. His poor arms and legs are stuck looking like noodles in comparison, inspiring him to post the words: “don’t skip leg day”.

The chest plate was probably added to his costume to let the Hulk CGI artists gauge the proportions of the character for certain scenes when filming him in action. The process of the filmmakers transforming Mark Ruffalo in this look into the green beast is pretty incredible. Take a look at how it’s done below:

Wow! These behind-the-scenes sequences don’t show Mark Ruffalo with the chest plate. It’s probably pretty heavy to wear around in extensive scenes. The actor does look like he goes to set and says his lines with his fellow actors, even if he’s notably shorter than his character.

In Endgame, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk finished off a planned three-movie arc for him that started with Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Bruce Banner was struggling with his identity as both the scientist versus the monster he becomes. Endgame introduced “Smart Hulk”, which resulted when the Avenger figured out how to combine his intellect and charisma with his Hulk bod. “The best of both worlds!” as he explained to his friends in the diner sequence.

Although we were led to believe there was a no-phone rule on the set of Endgame, that clearly wasn’t heavily enforced. Mark Ruffalo wasn’t even the highest offender, despite his track record of spoiling MCU information. The Hulk actor isn’t even close to the highest offender of breaking the rule.

His co-stars have since released footage of themselves during the final battle and “wedding scene”. Now that just about everyone’s seen the epic, it’s fun to see the making of the film through the eyes of the stars.

One does have to wonder if Mark Ruffalo’s mo-cap pajama BTS photos are the last we’ll see of his character post-Endgame. He’s not been announced to be involved in Phase Four and doesn’t have his own solo project like many of his fellow OG Avengers with Black Widow coming in 2020 and Disney+ series Hawkeye and Thor: Love and Thunder in 2021.

Where would you like to see Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk return? Sound off in the comments below!

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