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Love Island USA Recap: It’s Time to Meet the Parents

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Each week, TV Guide is recapping CBS’s Love Island USA — the U.S. take on the U.K. reality show phenomenon. Join us as we break down all the drama between these sexy humans who “packed more abs than shirts” for Fiji, and check back every night for the latest updates.


And we’re back for the final three days of Love Island! In true reality love show style, they’re going to drag out these final moments for as many hours as possible. Starting with rehashing the Weston/Kyra drama.

Following Weston’s apology tour, Emily wants to hear how his conversation went. It definitely seems like Emily heard a different version of events, and when Weston tries to set her straight he just reveals more: He says that he couldn’t pursue anything with Kyra until talking to his boy Cashel. Emily certainly hasn’t heard this before. She gets a little angry and expresses it toward Weston by making him spoon with her that evening (as opposed to their normal sleeping situation, which I honestly don’t want to know about).

The game of the day is a couple races. In the first, they have to put together a wooden shelf with only two hands. Kyra and Jered might not be a romantic match, but they work well together. They easily finish first. In the next, the women have to ice a cake with instructions from their partner while they’re blindfolded and standing behind their backs. Alexandra and Dylan are the big winners there.

But enough with the games, Arielle is here to reveal who America has voted to be the Love Island finalists: Caro and Ray, Zac and Elizabeth, Dylan and Alexandra, and Emily and Weston. That means that Kyra and Jered are leaving the villa.

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Before they go, Arielle asks what Kyra wants when she leaves. “The first thing I want to do when I get out of here is call him,” she says. Just then, Arielle gets a text. It’s for Kyra: It’s a video from Cashel — he’s shirtless because of course he is. He says he can’t wait for her to come back, and he feels the same.

When she’s off the island, she gives him a call. She talks about how she’d like to see him when she’s back in the States, but he sneaks up behind her. SURPRISE! He “flew back” (I find it more plausible that he never left the island, but sure.)

Back in the villa, Dylan gets a text telling them they’re all finalists. They all get to go on final dates. First up are Dylan and Alexandra, who take a Bachelor-inspired helicopter ride. On a private island Dylan asks Alexandra if she’ll be his girlfriend, and she says no. Just kidding — but that would have been hilarious.

On Zac and Elizabeth’s date, aboard a yacht, Zac says he’s in love with her. Elizabeth tells him that in her family they squeeze their hands three times to signify that they love the other person. She’s apparently been doing that to him for a while, but he didn’t know the significance. I have to admit, that is pretty cute.

Tune in tomorrow when we get to see the remaining two dates. Call it a hunch, but I feel those two aren’t going to be nearly as interesting…

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Love Island USA airs week nights at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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