Why Chace Crawford Wasn’t Allowed To Do His Captain America Screen Test

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Things turned out pretty effing (language!) perfect with Chris Evans cast as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But you know when someone gets a major role, there are hundreds if not thousands of people standing behind them who wanted that role. Chace Crawford was on the list of possible Captain America candidates, and that made news nine years ago when Marel was casting. However, he recently clarified that he didn’t even get to screen test for the role — because of his commitment to Gossip Girl.

The good news is that Chace Crawford is now a superhero — ironically starting his gig as The Deep on Amazon’s new series The Boys right as Chris Evans finished his run as Captain America in the MCU.

While promoting The Boys on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Chace Crawford was asked if it was true that he auditioned for Captain America. The fan also wondered if Crawford was “somewhat salty” at not getting the part after seeing how much money the franchise has made. Here’s his response:

That would have to be so frustrating as a young actor, to know this TV show was holding you back from a potentially huge role that you would’ve loved to have. It’s even sadder to know the details, but his friend told him anyway:

Wow. That sucks, and not just for the money he could’ve made. He probably wouldn’t have gotten the role over Chris Evans anyway, but now he’ll never really know for sure. Nine years ago, CinemaBlend had an article on some of the actors who had been mentioned as contenders to play Captain America in The First Avenger:

At the time, it was apparently most odd to see “Jim from The Office” as a Captain America contender, and Jim Krasinski has spoken more on his audition in the past.

Chris Evans isn’t even on that list from nine years ago. He was already known for playing a Marvel Comics character in the Fantastic Four movies, but that didn’t keep him from the MCU — although Evans did say no to the MCU several times before saying yes. And now Evans is done as Cap, with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon picking up the shield.

All’s well that ends well? At least Chace Crawford has The Boys, and he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against Gossip Girl. That six-season show (2007-2012) helped launch his career, just in a different way from a superhero movie, and he said he’s willing to play a role (a specific one) in the announced show reboot.

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