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Love Island USA Recap: The One Where They All Had Babies

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Each week, TV Guide is recapping CBS’s Love Island USA — the U.S. take on the U.K. reality show phenomenon. Join us as we break down all the drama between these sexy humans who “packed more abs than shirts” for Fiji, and check back every night for the latest updates.


We have almost made it to the end (sort of). Have all the islanders found true love yet? Well … no. But let’s see what can happen in the homestretch.

Fresh off Katrina and Cashel leaving, Kyra isn’t doing well. She is incredibly emotional about it, and she doesn’t want Eric — who she picked to couple with — to comfort her. Weston predicts that with Cashel out the door she’s going to be “like damn,” and I would say that’s an accurate descriptor. She tells Alexandra that she needs someone in the villa who knows her best, and that was Cash. Without him, she’s “lost”… which is a very dramatic thing to say about someone you’ve known for three weeks.

The next day Eric tries to talk with her about how he wants to give her space, but he is frustrated that she isn’t communicating about what she needs. She says they need to take a step back and not be all “cuddled up and kissy.” He (correctly) interprets the situation as Kyra is still hung up on Cashel.

The day’s game is where they’re all blindfolded and walking around a fenced-in area. I’m unclear what the rules are in this game, but it doesn’t matter. The purpose of it is that when the islanders take their blindfolds off, there are three new people among them. We meet Emily, a college student, Jered, a real estate agent, and Anton, a personal trainer. Dylan’s assessment of Emily is “new girl, tan, good-looking.” He’s so wowed he can’t even form full sentences. Who am I kidding? He never can.

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Emily is a hot topic in the villa — even Kyra is eyeing her. But Emily says she has eyes for Weston and Eric. Later, at the night’s football-themed party in the rain, they play a sexy Beer Pong/Truth or Dare mashup. And once again Emily is a hot commodity. She gets dared to kiss a lot of people, including Kyra.

After, Emily and Kyra chat — don’t get your hopes up — about boys. Boo. Kyra says that she broke things off with Eric that morning (does he know that?), so she should feel free to talk to him. But Emily has more interest in Weston. She tells him her type is a guy who’s goofy without trying, and that surely describes our country boy!

And you know who else’s type is a goofy guy? KYRA! She and Weston talk about their interest in people, and somehow the chat switches to how the two of them have crushes on each other, but they didn’t pursue it because of Cashel. DUN DUN DUN. Come back tomorrow to see what (if anything) happens with this thread. We’ll update the recap right here all week, so be sure to check back.

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Love Island USA airs week nights at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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