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The Bachelorette Finale Part 2 Recap: Here’s to Hoping for Hannah’s Happily Ever After

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Guess what, folks, it’s the most dramatic and shocking conclusion in the history of The Bachelorette and America, as Hannah Brown chose between Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. She chose Jed, and she chose wrong. At least in retrospect. As they say, hindsight is 10/10 x 2. Jed, you see, lied about how close his relationship was with a woman he was dating right before Hannah. As in a week before. So Hannah and Jed are not together. For the first time in Bachelorette history, the couple broke up before the finale. (It’s happened on The Bachelor a few times, but never on the more built-t0-last Bachelorette).

We knew from the top that we were in for something good, as Chris Harrison came out HOT, saying that we were about to watch the destructive effects of lies and betrayal as well as a “cringeworthy” proposal. Hell yeah, dog, let’s go!

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We started with Hannah talking about how hard her romantic journey through life has been, and that’s she’s falling in love with both guys. As the boys met with Neil Lane to pick out rings, Hannah’s voiceover forebodingly referenced Jed’s honesty. On the way to the final rose ceremony, Hannah started to panic and say she couldn’t do it. She had the driver pull over and she got out of the car. As she started to take a walk to gather herself, she lost her footing going down a hill and hit the ground. She barely even said anything. She was so distracted by her thoughts that she wasn’t even really aware of what was happening to her physically.

Finally, she was ready to do it. Good job, Hannah. She felt weird about how one thing was ending and another was beginning. “The man that I end things with today is not going to expect it,” she said.

The first man to arrive for the final rose was Tyler, which meant Tyler was not going to be chosen. Every single time I see the runner-up get out of the limo to approach the breakup they don’t know is coming, I think about Joe Pesci in GoodFellas going to become a made man. Tyler gave half of his speech before Hannah said “Tyler…” Right then, he then knew it was over. She told him her feelings for him were real, but she loved someone else. He told her it hurt, but he would remain her biggest fan, and he wished her and Jed “perfect success.” In the van on the way to the airport, Tyler said it was hard for him to open up, but Hannah pulled it out of him.

Jed brought his guitar to the rose ceremony. What an absolute skeever. He was holding it in while he gave her his speech, until he said “sometimes talking is hard for me,” and then he sang her a proposal song he wrote. Chris Harrison was not kidding: CRINGEWORTHY. It would have been cringeworthy even if what came later didn’t happen. But it did happen. Oh, did it ever happen.

Hannah was happy in that moment, but it wasn’t mean to last. Back in the studio, Chris Harrison said, “Jed is about to face the music.” Demi and Demi were there!

We saw some happy couple stuff. They shot a cell phone video. “She’s gonna be a Wyatt,” he said. Then it turned into an Investigation Discovery documentary as Hannah narrated how she thought things were perfect, but she was wrong, over footage of them together.

The second night after they got engaged, Jed told her he’d been “hanging out” with a girl a week before the show, but that he’d ended it. But then a few weeks later she saw the fateful People story about Jed’s girlfriend, which told a very different story than the one Jed told her. Hannah felt lied to. “I love the person I got engaged to,” she said. “I don’t know how I feel about this person.”

Jed arrived at the house where Hannah was staying and did a shave-and-a-haircut knock on the door, like a goon, as the show cut to commercial.

They sat down, and Hannah demanded that he tell her why he didn’t tell her, why he let her find out like this. Jed said there were differing takes on what happened. He said when he and Haley Stevens met, he was “very single.” They were dating, but Jed never defined the relationship. He was still seeing other girls, and he never called it “dating,” but he and Haley went on vacation together and she met his parents and she threw him a surprise party and they went on vacation again. Sounds like she was your girlfriend, bro!

He told her that he was going on the show for his music career, and that he loved her. He told her he loved her the day he left. And Hannah had text messages from other girls who went to his apartment in Nashville after he was engaged to Hannah. He threw them in the pool in a flirty way. Hannah was so disgusted. With a choked up voice, she told him she felt like he was using her to promote himself. He asked her what he could do to convince her otherwise. She said she didn’t know. She went outside to gather herself.

When she went back inside, Jed pleaded that he was telling the truth about how much he loved Hannah, and asked her to tell him what he needed to do and where he needed to grow. Hannah asked him what he was thinking the first night in the mansion, when she savagely eliminated a guy who had a girlfriend at home.”I didn’t have a girlfriend, though,” he said, to jeers from the studio audience watching the footage. They also applauded when Hannah said this affects both of them, not just him, and when she put together why his family was so weird about her when she came to visit. “I feel like this experience has been taken away from me,” she said. “You got to see all of me, I didn’t get to see all of you.” She feels like her decisions are all tainted. He said he was sorry, and that he wanted to be better. She told him she still had grace for him, but she pointed at her engagement ring and said, “This doesn’t mean the same thing.” She took the ring off and put it on the table. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be engaged to him anymore.

Then it was time to find out where the relationship stands at the present moment, on live TV. Hannah came out and sat down with Chris Harrison. “I can’t believe this is the way this conversation is going,” she said. Chris asked her how she found out about Jed’s girlfriend. She recounted the story Jed told her the day after they got engaged, and then she found out about the People article the night before, when she was with Jed. He told Hannah he told Haley he loved her. And then Hannah got the article. Womp womp. It’s been so difficult for her. She’s been sobbing on the floor, and mad as hell. But she’s gotten a lot stronger through it.

Chris Harrison asked her where he relationship stands now, and she said “I am not with Jed anymore.” The studio audience applauded, but there was a lot pain in Hannah’s eyes. Then Chris Harrison said Jed was there, and they were going to sit down together for the first time since they broke up, which was over the phone.

Jed came out. His hair is longer. Chris gave Jed the floor, and he apologized to Hannah. He apologized to everyone, even Bachelor Nation. He said he never would have dreamed that he would have actually fallen in love on the show. He said he didn’t tell her the truth out of fear. He was afraid he’d lose her. Turns out he was right, and maybe if he’d been honest, he wouldn’t have lost her. She said she respected his apology, and knows it’s been hard for him, too. She knows that the person he fell in love with is inside of him, and she hopes he can become that person for whoever his person turns out to be. Not her.

After what must have been the longest commercial break of Jed’s and Hannah’s lives, Jed said he still felt the same about Hannah. He’s still in love with her. He always will be. Hannah’s face was like “ugh, oh God.” She told him she does not feel the same. “I don’t love you like that anymore.” Someone started to clap. “And it’s not something to clap about,” Hannah said. “It’s sad.” Jed said he hopes God bestows her with a happy life, and he’ll be there for her in any way he can. I’m very sad. Poor Hannah. Hannah, who we’ve come to care about so much over the past few months as we watched her grow into herself, had her heart broken. And it wasn’t empowering in “yas, kween” way. This wasn’t the angry, defiant Hannah we’d applauded so many times throughout the season. She was just sad. She was still strong, but it was a different, quieter kind of strength.

When they came back from commercial, Jed was gone. Hannah said it’s been really, really hard, but she’s proud of herself for realizing she doesn’t need a husband. Previously, she’s stayed in bad relationships because she felt like she needed a man. But she’s found strength within herself. “I am hella strong,” she said.

Then it was time to see Tyler, for the first time since she broke up with him. She said the feelings she had for him didn’t just go away. So we were about to see what happened. The people in studio audience were losing their minds as he came out. “It’s like the damn Beatles walked out here,” Chris Harrison said. Tyler told her how impressed he was watching her, and he accidentally swore. Whoops! Sitting there with Tyler, Hannah said Tyler’s been so supportive, and their relationship was real and special. She said she still had feelings, and hey, he’s an incredible guy, and she’s a single girl, so maybe they could get a drink and hang out. “Just tell me when,” he said. They’re gonna be normal people, and see where it goes. They have some stuff to talk about, surely. It seems unlikely that they’ll end up together — too much has happened since they last saw each other — but stranger things have happened!

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. It’s available to stream on Hulu.

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