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Love Island Recap: Here’s Who the New Gals Banished to the Hideaway

Welcome back to the villa! For those of you who were watching another reality show on Monday night, here’s what you missed.

If you’ll remember from last week, we were just saying goodbye to Michael. Don’t feel too bad — the islanders sure don’t, because they’re all coupled up now and happy.

Okay, I spoke too soon. Weston and Mallory are not feeling romantic toward each other. They’re just friends, and probably very ready for new people to arrive. Zac and Elizabeth are on the other end of the spectrum. They’re talking about what kind of marriages they want in life. And just think, two nights ago they were only just “touching feet”! Eww.

The game of the night is Float My Boat, where couples work together to inflate a sea-worthy raft. The girls are blinded, so the guys must yell instructions. Once inflated, the couple must paddle together around a pink flamingo and get back to shore first. Alexandra and Dylan are the winners — by a long shot. (They win a stay in the Hideaway.) Yamen and Alana, on the other hand, are the losers by a long shot. Not only did they struggle to get their raft inflated in time, but Alana didn’t help at all when it came to paddling. She sat atop the board while Yamen did all the work, like a “black Michael Feldman” (his name butchering, not mine).

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The ladies have a sincere chat about how they’re all feeling, and Alexandra gets emotional about how this process has really opened her up and given her confidence. Meanwhile, the guys are planning a prank. They pretend that Weston goes to the gate to meet a new girl. You know it’s a good joke because all the guys say “it’s a joke” while the girls stand around clueless.

To celebrate Weston’s birthday, the house throws a Western-themed party, complete with line dancing and all. As they cut the cake, Weston gets a text from two new additions: Christen, 24, from Louisville, Kentucky, and Katrina, 25, from California. The guys welcome them with open arms (literally) while the women just glare at their new rivals. Finally, it’s getting a little more fun!

We will be adding on to this recap each night this week, so be sure to come back tomorrow!

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