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“Let’s Go” by Of Limbo

Adding to a credible discography when you’ve already got the kind of street value that racks up hundreds of thousands of streams online is a lot harder than it sounds on paper, but in their new single “Let’s Go,” Of Limbo are making it sound all too easy. The band’s sound has come a long way since they dropped their debut some five years ago and will likely get even tighter in the next couple of years as well, but if you can’t wait that long to get a preview of how muscular their sound will get, “Let’s Go” is a good track to go with for a solid sneak peek.


The arrangement for “Let’s Go” allows for lyrical imagery to reflect a deeper narrative from within the verses without feeling entirely tethered to the tone of the music. Of Limbo is making a larger point of using juxtaposition in this piece more than a lot of their peers would, and when you think about how little everyone else has been doing this in the rock n’ roll community, it makes this single all the more fetching and relevant a listen. This is a rock band with a creative conscience, and they’re not standing down from showing us that with their output here.

As much as I truly dig the lyrical side of this song, the truth of the matter is that “Let’s Go” is a brawny bash-fest for those who like to headbang (myself included). The riffing here is skyscraper-sized, and even though it’s a little rough and tumble, it never interrupts the steady flow of vocal harmonies coming to us at the top of the mix. This group is, after all, still a hard alternative rock band beneath the layers of toughness presented in the mere vitality of the music in this song, and you don’t have to be a professional critic to pick up on it.

Live gigs are probably the best way to appreciate a band like Of Limbo and listening to “Let’s Go” definitely gets me excited about seeing them take to the stage once more soon. This track has a lot of potential to be a showstopper in the right setting; an open-air festival, a packed concert hall, or even an old-school punk club would each be conducive to the sonic depth of this music, and that’s not usually the case with any material – regardless of the band it’s being performed by.


I’ve admittedly been a fan of Of Limbo for years now, going back to their first record back in 2017, and continuous hits like this latest release are what keep me coming back to their well for more refreshing content time and time again. “Let’s Go” is as much of a juggernaut as its name would have you believe it to be, if not a little more when we’re least expecting it, and for listeners like myself who need a bit more adrenaline in our rock than the average consumer would call for, it’s a breath of fresh air in an otherwise smoggy, mostly corrupted environment.

Samuel Pratt

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