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Exclusive Interview with The Modern Gentlemen

Welcome! You have a new album out. We are loving it so far! How are you guys feeling now that it’s out?  

Thank you!  We feel very thankful and happy to have it finally out and available!

What would you say as a collective is your favorite song on the album?

Our original song which is also the title of the album, “Happiest Days”.

Do you all plan to get out and tour?

Absolutely!  We perform all over the country in performing arts centers, theatres and casino showrooms and look forward to seeing everyone there.

Who would you say has been your biggest musical influence and why?

We all have our individual influences of course which are vast and pretty different from each other.  We did all start singing together with one of the biggest music icons of all time, Frankie Valli!  We sure learned a lot from our time with the hall of fame group.

What goals do you all have for the remainder of 2022?

To get our music out there and keep doing what we love performing live and make people happy.

Tell our readers where they can find the new album!  

You can get it on all platforms of course or if you want to support us directly, you can go to our website which is www.themoderngentlemen.net/music

End of Interview

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