Big Brother’s Julie Chen Speaks Out on Season 24 Racism Controversy

She continued, “We haven’t walked in their shoes. We haven’t been in the Big Brother house. We haven’t been in that pressure cooker situation. And a lot of times when someone is feeling insecure about themselves, or seeing another individual as a threat to their game, that’s when you see classic Big Brother ‘I’m going to trash talk someone behind his or her back.'”

Julie didn’t name drop any specific houseguests on the CBS show or make it explicitly clear that she was talking about the situation involving Taylor. However, the host did reveal that she herself has been subject to racism in the past, especially at the beginning of her career. Julie said that one executive at a Dayton, Ohio station even told her that she couldn’t fill a morning anchor role because, as she recalled, the area didn’t “have a big Asian community, [so] how can people relate to you?” 

“Again, people don’t realize,” Julie added, “and when they’re saying something to your face, the intention isn’t to make you feel bad or to be aggressive.”

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