Good News: Bam Margera Has Been Found And Brought Back To Rehab

The Jackass franchise has been entertaining audiences for decades, most recently returning to movie theaters with Jackass Forever. But there has been some controversy surrounding the wild prank franchise, specifically related to former cast member Bam Margera. While he recently turned heads for fleeing from rehab, there’s some good news: Margera has been found and promptly brought back to the facility to continue treatment.

Bam Margera has been making countless headlines over the past few years due to his personal and professional struggles. This includes being kicked out of the cast of Jackass Forever, and suing his former coworkers over it. Margera recently went missing after departing from his rehab facility, although TMZ revealed that he has been found and was brought back for treatment. 

While fans around the world can relax without worrying about Bam Margera’s location, one has to wonder: exactly where did he disappear to? According to that same report, he was found in a nearby hotel in Delray Beach. That’s where police and a crisis intervention team eventually found the skateboarder and stuntman. But while he might have been hiding out, he reportedly didn’t fight returning to rehab upon being discovered.

Some Jackass fans might wonder why Bam Margera simply can’t leave the rehabilitation facility if he wants to. But he was actually court ordered to do inpatient treatment, which is further added to the high stakes of the situation. So it’s probably for the best that he was found and brought back, where hopefully the 42 year-old TV personality can get the help he needs.

According to the same report, Bam Margera had been off of his medication since departing rehab. It’s unclear if he had also relapsed during his time away, but he’s hopefully getting the medical attention he needs at this point. Hopefully he’s able to get healthy; there are generations of fans who are invested in seeing his recovery.

As previously mentioned, Bam Margera was largely cut from the cast of Jackass Forever, except for one brief scene. He would sue Johnny Knoxville and company for months over this departure, although he reportedly settled recently. He’s been reportedly sober for months as a result, even refusing pain medication for a recent injury in order to maintain that sobriety. Prior to his recent return to rehab, Margera had celebrated a year of sobriety

Aside from the Jackass issues, Bam Margera was also making headlines last year as a result of legal issues with his wife Nicole Boyd. She requested custody of their son at the time, and that Margera only sees him in supervised visits. Although she did not file for divorce at that time.

With Bam Margera back in rehab, hopefully he can get the help he needs to maintain a healthy life; there are certainly plenty of folks rooting for him. As for Jackass Forever, that movie is currently streaming on Paramount+.

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