That Time Two Stranger Things Stars Wound Up In Fear Street, And Had No Idea About It Until Later

For those of you wondering where Maya Hawke may have popped up in the Fear Street trilogy, we’ll help you out with the answer. In the beginning of Fear Street: Part 1 – 1994, Hawke plays Heather, the B. Dalton store clerk who is actually selling Fear Street books at the Shadyside Mall. Though, in the tradition of such films as Psycho, she doesn’t make it past the first act, as her boyfriend is Ryan Torres, the first victim of the supposed “Curse of Sarah Fier” who we’re introduced to. And for you eagle eyed R.L. Stine fans who couldn’t tear your eyes off the books shown in that sequence, yes, Heather is selling The Wrong Number to Sam’s stepmom in the opening. Not to mention that the book that spares Heather’s life for a little longer is none other than Cheerleaders: The First Evil.

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